Chapter 31

“There’s no need to go to a hotel. Let’s just find a restaurant nearby!” Nash was reluctant to go too far. If they went too far, he would have to walk later as he wanted to save money. He had just walked here from Baroque's headquarters earlier. Brian exclaimed with delight, “Great! There’s a nice food stall nearby. I used to go there often with some old friends. Let’s eat there!” In no time at all, Brian brought Nash to a food stall by the roadside. The restaurant owner was very welcoming and said, “Hey there, Dr. Tanner. What brings you here today?” Brian laughed and said, “I’ve been craving your food. Bring us your signature dishes!” “Sure thing!” The restaurant owner responded and promptly instructed the kitchen to prioritize Brian’s order. Then, he even brought out his own well-aged fine spirit as a complimentary gift to Brian. Countless people lined up to invite Miracle Doctor Tanner for a meal but never got the chance. Brian personally poured a glass of alcohol for N

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