Chapter 32

“Grandmaster... The alcohol is too strong…" Brian managed to get his words out amidst the hiccups and burps, but he had to rush to the side after he was done and vomit into a trash bin. There was a sudden brake sound, and Helena parked a white BMW at the entrance of the estate. When she saw Nash, a disgusted expression appeared on her face. It was as if she had seen a fly. However, they were on the Watson family's estate, so she concluded that Nash would not dare to cause trouble. Earlier, after getting slapped by Hera, she had planned to slap her back to preserve some of her dignity. However, it was difficult for her to do it in the presence of her grandpa. Besides, her mother had come up with a better revenge plan. “What luck is this, bumping into you everywhere!” Helena glared at Nash with extreme disdain. The liquor from the restaurant owner’s collection was indeed potent. The two of them had only drunk about half a liter of it. Nonetheless, Brian was vomiting uncontrollab

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