Chapter 287

Yvonne covered her eyes and groaned. "Are you usually so shameless?" However, those words fell on deaf ears and they completely ignored Yvonne's existence. After three minutes, Hera was a little out of breath. She softly whispered, "Babe, carry me to the room!" Nash laughed as he scooped Hera into his arms and left to the master bedroom on the second floor. Yvonne was increasingly dumbfounded. 'Please! Were they leaving the rest up to my imagination?' She thought to herself. Shortly after, Nash returned to the living room. Yvonne had just made a cup of tea. She blinked in amazement. "You're... you're done?" Nash lightly said, "It's not that difficult to coax a drunk woman to sleep." It was almost eleven o'clock and he had to go to the apartment in Rex District to pick up his clothes. Then, he had to go to the South Suburb to meet with the Green Bamboo Association. "Tsk tsk tsk... are you even a man? You had a chance and you didn't even take it!" Yvonne said as she

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