Chapter 288

"Royal Bay has Nash who's a Profound Reality Realm expert. He can take care of seven Level Three Great-Grandmasters easily." The Velvet-Thunder Juggernaut spoke slowly before changing the topic. He said in a cold and doubtful tone, "The highest level of cultivation in the Zabel family is the Grandmaster Realm. Did none of the seven Level Three Great-Grandmasters even escape?" His words made the other six Juggernauts shiver. The Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut said with a solemn expression, "Could it be that Nash and the Smiling Grim-Reaper are two different people?" Royal Bay had Nash. The Zabel family had the Smiling Grim-Reaper. The people they had sent out never returned. "If we face Nash and the Smiling Grim-Reaper at the same time, what are the chances of winning?" The Gingerhead Juggernaut asked. "We have three experts from the Profound Reality Realm, forty Great-Grandmasters, two hundred Grandmasters, and a thousand-and-thirteen Inner Energy Experts. That's more th

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