Chapter 289

Nash's heavy boots stepped on the ground. He was dressed in all black. He wore the mask of the Smiling Grim-Reaper. It looked very eerie in the moonlight. "Smiling Grim-Reaper? "Wasn't Nash supposed to be the one who'd come?" The Grim-Faced Juggernaut looked stunned. Until now, they still had not discovered the relationship between Nash and the Smiling Grim-Reaper. "Nash and Smiling Grim-Reaper know each other, that's why Smiling Grim-Reaper showed up at the Zabel household!" The Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut said with a glum expression, "It doesn't matter who showed up. Since they're here, they shouldn't expect to walk out of Imperial Summer Manor alive!" The Velvet-Thunder Juggernaut took two steps forward with his hands behind his back. He was the second Juggernaut conferred by the Green Bamboo Association. After the Nutcracker Juggernaut died, he was now the head of the Juggernauts. Nash slowly walked towards the Velvet-Thunder Juggernaut. The mask wa

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