Chapter 290

The Velvet-Thunder Juggernaut arrogantly stared at Nash. "Kill him..." "Kill him..." "Kill him..." All the members of the Green Bamboo Association started chanting. The sound was so powerful that it was deafening and the intent to kill filled the entire manor. Xeno and Finn who were hiding in the car turned as white as a sheet. "Crap... Why haven't Mr. Nash's people arrived yet?" Xeno said with trembling lips. "What about your people from the Dragon Tiger Gate?" Finn was extremely nervous. "My people's ranks are all low, how can they be compared to the Green Bamboo Association?" Xeno whined. The Green Bamboo Association had more than a thousand Inner Energy Experts and each of them were capable of taking down ten people at once. His people would be walking into a death trap. The Velvet-Thunder Juggernaut put his hands behind his back as he looked at Nash and said, "If you kneel and admit your mistake... and pledge your alliance to the Green Bamboo Associ

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