Chapter 292

Xavier and Hugh shuddered. The other Juggernauts’ faces had turned deathly pale. In fact, the Velvet-Thunder Juggernaut’s mind had gone completely blank. He was the only one who had known the Klein family had sent four of their experts to assist them. He had been counting on them. Yet, now, these four experts had been reduced to dust. “Grandpa… let’s surrender… I don’t want to die…” Taka Ihara wailed. The Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut gulped. “Grim Reaper… we… we won’t cause you any trouble… we won’t cause you any future trouble either… I’ll leave the Green Bamboo Association. Please… please let me go!” Looks of fury appeared on the other juggernaut’s faces when they heard that. They had visited the God of War and made a blood pact that they would stick together even in death for all eternity. Yet, the Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut was saying they would betray the Green Bamboo Association now. The Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut hung their head. “Nothing but death will await if we do

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