Chapter 293

The smell of blood wafted through the air. Xeno and Finn remained silent. The Green Bamboo Association stood no chance against the great-grandmasters fighting under the Heavenly Martial Arts Order’s command. It was a one-sided massacre. Nash retrieved his phone and dialed Theo’s number. When Theo’s phone rang, he was sitting in his study and watching a live broadcast of what was going on at Jonford’s Imperial Summer Manor on his laptop screen. The drone made the ultra-high definition live stream possible. He had guessed Nash would have more tricks up his sleeve. However, he had never imagined him to have the Heavenly Martial Arts Order scrolls. When his phone rang, he picked it up and answered, “Nash…” “Where are the Young family members buried?” “Gosh… I nearly forgot to tell you… The Young Family Village’s death anniversary is today… They’re all buried at the Young Gardens in Goldenfalls!” “Arrange for a helicopter to be flown to Imperial Summer Manor!” “Alrigh

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