Chapter 295

A black-colored dog was chained to the tree stump. The sun had not fully risen yet, and the security guard seemingly in his eighties was fast asleep. The black-colored dog was also curled up in its bed, its ears flicking as it slept. Seemingly having heard a sound, the dog’s ears perked as it sat up, a warning glint in its eyes. “Woof! Woof! Woof…” The dog stood and barked incessantly toward the darkness. The guard jolted awake and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he grabbed the flashlight from his table and walked out of the guardhouse. Soon, Nash and Finn arrived at the guardhouse. The words on the mausoleum’s gates had worn off, turning “Young Gardens” into “You Gardens”. Parts of the wall had fallen in on itself, and the place was overgrown with weeds. “Who… who are you?” The guard glanced at the two men fearfully. He had seen the burlap sacks they were holding, which were soaked red in blood. “I’m here to pay respects to my family!” Nash spoke in a low voice

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