Chapter 296

“Who else do you think paid for them? You?” “You still haven’t told me who you are!” The night-shift guard’s nostrils flared as he glared at them. The fact the two had managed to slip in during his shift indicated his responsibility. The day-shift guard’s eyes narrowed as he whispered into the other guard’s ears. He spoke in the local dialect, and Nash did not understand what he said although he could hear them. The night shift guard frowned before he nodded and said in standard English, “You may leave now. If you aren’t against it, you can have a cup of tea at Kingsley Apothecary at No. 18, Kingsley Street!” The duo wheeled the barrow into the mausoleum after that. Finn asked, “I think they managed to guess who we are!” Nash nodded. “Let’s go take a look at the place they mentioned!” The two walked to the main road, where they waited for another half hour before they managed to get a cab. “Kingsley Apothecary.” … At the entrance to the Young Gardens. An ordinary

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