Chapter 298

“Yes!” Nash and Finn exchanged stunned looks. The old woman was obviously blind, so how had she known where Nash was sitting? “You’re lying…” The old woman spoke chidingly, a sullen expression on her face. Then, a wave of sound washed over them. Cracks appeared on the walls, and the coffee table’s glass topper shattered. “Grandma…” Melody Stone’s elegantly arched eyebrows furrowed together, seemingly worried the old woman would injure their guests! She was using the Lion’s Roar method! Nash narrowed his eyes and used his true energy to protect his eardrums. Finn was caught by surprise, and his brain felt like it was about to explode. He grabbed his head and let out a piercing shriek. “I’m not lying. I have my grandfather’s ring with me!” Nash said as he raised his right hand to show her the ring on his finger, which was glowing dimly. “Grandma… he’s got a gold ring on his finger. It looks the same as the one in the picture you have in your study!” Melody said as

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