Chapter 299

Nash hurriedly grabbed the old woman’s hand. He was about to ask her what the matter was when he realized she had no pulse. “My grandmother was on the receiving end of a Profound Grappling Slap, and she has long since reached the end of her life… She’s been hanging on by sheer will all this while!” Melody choked out, her eyes filled with tears. “Profound Grappling Slap?” Nash had an unsettled look on his face as he activated his Third Eye and took a look at her heart. Her heart was shriveled, while her blood vessels were severely clogged. By right, she should have perished a long while ago. Nash had never seen something like this, and all he could do was his best. He raised his right hand and allowed seven snake-shaped golden needles to slide downward from his sleeves. “Divine Needles…” “Are you Master Calcraft’s disciple?” Melody’s eyes gleamed as if she had found a life-saving opportunity. However, that gleam soon faded from her eyes. “My grandmother’s life was

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