Chapter 300

The immense responsibilities he held meant he needed to set his feuds aside. He had only recently begun figuring out who the culprit was. The Klein family was extremely powerful. They had two wardens in their family. Which made him even more cautious. He did not fear death but feared that no one would avenge the Young family if he died. Moreover, the countries that bordered the Northern Territory would stir up trouble if he died. “So, you established the Heavenly Doors Association so you could fight back against the Klein family?” The Heavenly Doors Association was a martial arts organization in the Northern Territory. Stellar had never engaged with its members because it was a private organization the warden had established. All he knew was that its members spent their days practicing and training on a secret island in the Northern Territory and that the warden only visited them once every several years. In fact, its members had not even shown up when the Northern Te

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