Chapter 302

In the evening at Jonford Royal Bay, Melody parked the car at the entrance. As soon as Finn got out of the car, he began to vomit uncontrollably. Despite being a stage-six grandmaster, he still got car-sick. This was because Melody had driven incredibly fast, maintaining the highest speed for most of the journey. He still felt as if he were walking on cotton. “Nash... you’re back? Aunt Lauren and Hera went to work, and I was getting…” Yvonne walked out happily. Seeing the woman next to Nash, her smile gradually froze. “Who’s this... old lady?” “Yvonne, don’t be rude!” Nash glared at Yvonne. “Boo-hoo... You yelled at me… You yelled at me for another woman!” Yvonne started crying, rubbing her eyes with both hands. Finn quickly walked up to her and whispered something in Yvonne’s ear. “Oh, now that Grandma and Grandpa are gone… You’re not mourning at home but out seducing others?” Yvonne folded her arms, looking like she wanted to stand up for Hera. Melody instantly appeared

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