Chapter 303

“Mhm, Grandpa Eve, please take care of yourself too!” Melody hung up the phone, sighing in disappointment. Nash poured a cup of tea for Melody. “Saul Eve doesn't seem to genuinely care about your family.” On the way back, Melody had explained that the person she had called for help to take care of her grandfather’s body was Saul Eve. He was from the martial arts family of Goldenfalls. He was an old schoolmate of her grandfather’s. Their relationship was not close, but they were not enemies either. However, as her grandfather’s household conditions improved after his marriage, his relationship with Saul became much closer. “My grandma lost a martial arts skill called the Lion’s Roar and an incomplete map in her possession, both of which were brought out from the Young family! “Years ago, after getting drunk at a school reunion, my grandfather revealed some secrets. Most people didn’t know about the Youngs, so they weren’t paying attention. But Saul, being from a martial arts fami

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