Chapter 304

Melody told Nash everything she knew. He was Wolfgang Young’s son, so he had the right to know all these things. “By the way... there’s something else. Your father, Wolfgang—” “Did you hit my cousin?” Hera stormed in with Yvonne by her side. Cousin? In that case, she must be the young lady of the house. Melody pursed her lips and said nothing. “Hera... there was a misunderstanding earlier!” Nash began to explain. Seeing the woman on the couch, Hera’s jealousy flared. Pointing to the red marks on Yvonne’s neck, she angrily said, “She choked her! What kind of misunderstanding can justify this?” Yvonne, with her hands on her hips and looking haughty, stared at Melody. “You were so arrogant earlier. Why aren’t you talking now?” “Shut up…!” Nash shouted sternly, causing the teacup in his hand to shatter. Came to think of it, she should address Melody more respectfully. Yvonne insulted Melody even after knowing the demise of her grandparents. Melody only tolerated her for Nash’

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