Chapter 306

“That’s for the best! Such a man isn’t worthy of your love!” Skadi said coldly. “Boo-hoo… I love him so much!” Hera had hoped that Skadi would comfort her. Instead, Skadi immediately doused her hopes. She felt as if her heart was shattering. “What I said is the truth! Nash Calcraft is an emotionless, cold-blooded creature... It’s dangerous for you to be with him!” Skadi did not reveal to Hera about Nash’s identity as the Smiling Grim Reaper. After all, he had been kind to the Zabels and Lewises, and Hera genuinely liked him. Keeping some of his reputation intact was the least Skadi could do, given their acquaintanceship. “Do you know something?” Hera asked tearfully. Skadi had mentioned Nash being emotionless. Did she know about Nash’s affairs with other women? “Do you know as well?” Skadi was surprised as well. Hera had not been to Imperial Summer Manor the previous night. If Skadi’s grandfather had not told her, she would not have known about Nash’s identity as the Smilin

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