Chapter 307

“What?!” Nash was taken aback. His father was still alive! Where was he? Was he also seeking revenge for the Youngs, just like him? “It was the right decision not to look for him! Since my father’s alive, he must be hiding under a pseudonym and deep in hiding! “If you had gone looking for him, not only would you expose yourself, but you'd also expose his whereabouts. That would've put you all in danger!” A smile appeared on Nash’s face as he relaxed into the sofa. He started eating some fruits. “Congratulations Mr. Nash! The Youngs are bound to regain their glory!” Finn said sycophantically. Melody glanced at Finn, stating coolly, “Doesn’t this guy know too much?” Nash also turned to look at him. Finn began to break into cold sweat, stammering, “M-Mr. Nash... You’ve done so much for me. My loyalty to you is clear for all to see!” Ever since he learned more about Nash’s identity, he felt fortunate to be working under him. He knew that following Nash would bring great opport

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