Chapter 308

Just as Nash closed his eyes, Lauren called. “Mom…” “Nashy... Did you and Hera get into a fight?” “Uh... A slight misunderstanding,” Nash said awkwardly. “Can you tell me what happened?” Lauren inquired with concern. “It’s nothing... Just a small issue.” Nash did not want to reveal Yvonne’s part in the matter. Lauren had recently gotten closer to her niece and the Mares. He was mindful of maintaining the harmony between them. “Ah... I shouldn't interfere with young people’s affairs... But I hope you can be more understanding. Hera might have a temper, but deep down, she truly loves you!” “This matter isn’t really related to Hera. I’ll soothe things over with her tomorrow,” Nash replied, slightly amused. Lauren seemed to think Hera was throwing a fit. In reality, Nash was not upset with Hera but with Yvonne’s hurtful words to Melody and the way she exacerbated the matter. That led to Hera’s even deeper misunderstanding. “Alright then. Get some rest,” Lauren said in a downtrod

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