Chapter 309

In the villa’s living room, Xeno said, “Mr. Nash... The sister of that Shanty Joe you mentioned is named Sweedy. She’s Walter Watson’s wife, but... I heard that Sweedy is in a vegetative state.” “Walter’s wife?” Nash’s face showed a hint of confusion. “Do you know her?” Xeno asked in surprise. “I cured her illness... We’re going to the Watsons’ right now!” ... At the Watson Estate, Walter angrily smashed the teacup he was holding onto the ground. “Scoundrel… Does that damned kid plan on pissing me off to death?!” He had been in Capiton for a business summit a couple of days ago. Just after returning, he heard that Kai had attended a gathering with the four masters of the Green Bamboo Association. There was news about all Ten Juggernauts of the Green Bamboo Association being killed, causing great concern among the elites. Nash was sure to hold all the families involved accountable. The Green Bamboo Association was wiped out by the Smiling Grim Reaper using the Heavenly Martia

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