Chapter 310

Nash was lost in thought, oblivious to Melody’s gaze. A corporation like Drake Group already intimidated countless smaller families and companies. However, compared to Universal Group, it was like a dwarf in the shadow of a giant. What did having three million shareholders even mean? Just then, Walter, accompanied by George and Janson, rushed out. “Mr. Calcraft, I was unaware of your esteemed visit. I apologize for not greeting you sooner!” The three quickly approached Nash and his group. Walter, seeing Nash accompanied by several people, felt even more desperate. He was certain that Nash was here to settle scores with Kai. “Mr. Watson, you’re too polite, even coming out to greet us personally!” After all, he was here to look for Sweedy’s map fragment, so Nash’s face lit up with a smile as if he was meeting an old friend. Yet to Walter, that smile seemed to be hiding something deadly. “I came here today to…” “Kai isn’t home. I’ll have someone bring him back immediately!”

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