Chapter 311

The signal to the surveillance footage was interrupted. After Melody disconnected the surveillance system's cables in Sweedy's hospital ward, she stated the purpose of their arrival, “We're here to take what Shanty gave you!" Abruptly, a tremble ran through Sweedy. Her gaze that was fixed on them was filled with fear and anxiety as she asked, “J-Just who are you guys?” “I'm from the Young Family Village,” Nash revealed, as only by claiming to be from the Young Family Village could they get Sweedy to hand over the fragment. “Y-Young Family… Village? What is that place?" Sweedy was puzzled at first. However, she then exclaimed in surprise, “How do you know my sister's name?” "My grandmother is also from Young Family Village. I heard about Shanty from her," Melody said with a blank expression as she crossed her arms. After a long silence, Sweedy glared at Nash and asked, "Whose child are you? Is your family close to my sister?" "He's the direct descendant of Christopher Young. Sw

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