Chapter 312

"Let’s just bring some people over to the Black Tiger Hall to retrieve the artwork!" Xeno said with a lick of his chapped lips. He had long wanted to go up against them. Now, the opportunity had come. Shaking his head, Nash replied, "We don’t need to do that. We'll buy it back at the auction this afternoon. Since it’s no longer the Young family’s property, acquiring it through legitimate means is the best choice." Xeno continued, "The head of the Duerson family just came back from overseas. Shouldn't we pay them a visit?” Nash looked at Melody, who was still on a call outside, and responded slowly, "Let's go to Baroque first. I'll handle the matter with the Duersons on my own." Melody was pacing back and forth, her expression slightly tense. After waiting for a full three minutes, she finally heard a flurry of rapid footsteps. "Melody, you were looking for me?" A cool voice from the other end of the phone sounded. "Mr. Hughes, if a descendent of Harper Young is still around, can

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