Chapter 313

Hera smiled. "It’s indeed quite magnificent. I'd like to take a picture here too if I get the chance." Checking the time, Hans then informed solemnly, "It's getting close to our appointment time. Let's go in quickly." The three of them arrived at the security checkpoint and provided their appointment information. The security personnel then gave them a supplier's pass before escorting them to the main business building. Frankie, the senior manager of the Legal Department, was walking briskly toward the entrance while on call with Fabian. "Melody is a member of the House of Representatives. Be polite," Fabian instructed. "Alright, I got i-” "Ouch!" Yvonne had been looking around when Frankie accidentally bumped into her. "Don’t you watch where you’re going? How did you even miss me when I’m standing right here?” Yvonne shouted at Frankie with a glare. Hera turned around. When she caught Frankie’s title of 'Senior Manager' on his work badge, her expression paled dramatically.

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