Chapter 314

With a single statement, Justin left Hera speechless. Customers were always right, and if she were the customer, Justin certainly would not treat her with this kind of attitude. Suppliers had to swallow their pride if they wanted to make money. She also had a few suppliers for Baroque who she disliked and could replace at any time. "Mr. Long, we can discuss the price further, but a 12% reduction is a bit much," Hans said with a smile. Justin eased off slightly and offered, "How about 11% then? If you can accept that, we'll sign the contract worth tens of billions directly. If not, I'll find another supplier.” "I can't accept it. You can find another supplier!" Hera rebuked, practically on the verge of tears. She then got up and walked out. Giving up even one more percent would mean losing their R&D costs. "Think it over carefully. I'm only giving you this one chance!" Justin warned her arrogantly as she left. Hera walked out of the meeting room without looking back, seemingly un

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