Chapter 315

Nash suspected they wanted to use his hair for a DNA test and plucked some dozen strands from his head before handing them to Melody. "Will these work?” he asked softly. His great-grandfather owned 10% of the company’s shares, to which neither his grandfather’s generation nor his father’s generation had inherited. It had been several decades since then. They would not let him inherit the shares so easily. Melody smiled faintly and replied, "You can doubt the others, but you have to trust Fabian." "Is he also from the Young Family Village?" Nash asked in surprise. "The Hughes family have followed the Young family for 18 generations. My grandmother once said that the Hughes family would go into decline the moment they were to separate themselves from the Young family. "When your great-grandfather went to Moliga to make a living, Fabian's great-grandfather was the only one who went with him. When your great-grandfather returned to the country after that, he then served as a director

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