Chapter 316

"Six stage-nine great grandmasters. That is going to be a little tricky," the electronic voice sighed softly. The seductive woman replied casually, "It’s our only chance. It’ll be almost impossible to get to him once he returns to Moliga. The Ten Families have many Kamikazes among them, no? Killing someone without any cultivation skills should be a piece of cake." The electronic voice lamented, "There have been some recent developments in Somer. We’re under close scrutiny now.” The seductive woman’s brows furrowed. "In that case, get someone from the dark web.” The electronic voice chuckled again. "I would've almost forgotten about that if you hadn't mentioned it. The Smiling Grim Reaper is in Drakonia now. Send me information on Fabian’s jet.” "Why do you think I have access to that information?” the woman asked blankly. … It was two o'clock in the afternoon at Moonstone International Airport in the Moliga Empire. A private jet with the tag 'Universal 10' slowly took off. Th

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