Chapter 317

"Seven billion, fixed. It'll be paid within three hours," the electronic voice said through gritted teeth. "Deal,” Nash replied and then ended the call. Melody was a high-level expert within the early stages of the Profound Reality Realm and had exceptional hearing. So, she overheard Nash's conversation and looked at him wide-eyed as she asked, "You’re the Smiling Grim Reaper? Someone contracted you to kill Fabian?” Furthermore, Nash had agreed to the offer. "Nash, Fabian can't die. If he dies, the fund that your great-grandfather established with the shares will definitely be in trouble. Universal Group’s internal structure will collapse completely. "If you need money, you can tell me. I'll give you ten billion!" Nash stared at the phone screen, lost in thought. Who was this K? "Nash, did you hear what I said?" Melody grabbed Nash's arm nervously. “What did you say?” Nash asked after coming back to his senses. Melody repeated what she just said, and Nash laughed. “Of cours

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