Chapter 318

Nash and his group stood at the entrance exchanging glances with each other. Melody sighed and said, "Your branch family owns an ancient painting by a famous Light Dynasty artist!" If the Young family had not transferred all that silver and if the tragedy had not befallen them, they would undoubtedly have complete control over Universal Group now. Of note, the company now had an annual revenue profit of approximately 450 billion Moliga dollars with a net profit of around 18 billion. When converted to Drakonia dollars, it was about 126 billion dollars. The statistics indicated that the combined annual profit of the top ten families in Capiton was only around 60 billion Drakonia dollars. If the Young family were still around, they would have easily rivaled the top 20 families of Capiton. Nash sighed. "The Young family got rich and prospered by robbing graves. Evil deeds will eventually result in retribution." After a moment, the four of them entered the auction hall. The venue had s

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