Chapter 319

These 30 people located K, who was smashing objects in his room in frustration. "Damn it! Damn it all!” H called again. K caught his breath and calmed himself before answering the call. "How's it going? Did your clan leader agree?" H asked. "He agreed," K said through gritted teeth. "You don't sound too happy." "The 18 branch offices in Drakonia have each sent out a reception team. They're all over the place..." "Damn it!" H could not help but curse. After a moment of silence, H said, "Divide your assassins into 18 groups and send them to all 18 airports.” "I have 30 people with me. If I split them into 18 groups, there won't even be two people in each group. Moreover, we only have five Profound Reality Realm experts. They won't be able to kill Fabian unless they're experts.” "We'll just have to be lucky, then," H said with a sigh. "That damned reaper. If I can’t kill Fabian, I'll make sure to take his life!" K cursed before hanging up the phone. … The auction had already

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