Chapter 321

This was Artful Prosperity Auction House's auction record. The rule of the auction was to take 10% of the earned profits as commission. Four billion was 3.97 billion dollars more than the starting price. Hence, the auction could earn nearly 400 million dollars in commission. "Five billion!" "Whoever that dares to bid next will make an enemy out of the Kleins!" No. 89's tone was cold as he scanned the audience; no one dared to make eye contact. No. 36 hesitated before giving up. Xeno sweated profusely as he looked at Nash and said, "Mr. Nash..." Nash asked, "How much money do you have?" "About three billion." "Then increase the bid by five million." "But… they're the Klein family!" Xeno timidly said. He could lend the money to Mr. Nash. However, they would be in trouble with the Klein family if they kept bidding. Even the Skyes did not dare to get on bad terms with the Kleins. How could he dare to provoke the Kleins as a mere follower of the Skyes? Nash snatched Xe

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