Chapter 322

"What about the chairman?" "He's at the meeting too!" "Oh, alright." Nash's heart began to race. The only people he could borrow more than five billion dollars from were the Skyes. Since Lucas and Theo were not around, it would be incredibly difficult to find that sum of money in such a small amount of time. Melody cheekily said, "Is it that hard to admit that I'm better than you?" Finn had a righteous expression on his face. "Can I say it in Mr. Nash's place?" "What fun is it coming from you?" Melody shot daggers at Finn. Finn turned his head back angrily. "9.3 billion dollars!" "No. 89 raises the price by 100 million dollars!" Selling that Gabriel only raised it by 100 million dollars, Jay guessed that his budget should be around ten billion dollars. Hence, he only raised the bid by 100 million dollars. He did not fail to mock him, "Gabriel, aren't you so wealthy and influential? Why did you raise it by so little?" He thought to himself, 'You raised

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