Chapter 323

"Pfft... one is with Kai and another is married to a mountain man. Both of them are the daughters of the Lewis family, so why is there such a drastic difference? I bet Hera is miserable, right?" "Idiot!" Someone aware of the situation rolled their eyes at the fool. The people nearby could not stand it any further. "Don't you see that he's not afraid of the Kleins? Plus... can you fork out ten billion dollars? Even if you could, would you use it to buy a painting?" "That's true, my bad!" … Jay glared at Nash with hostility, saying, "Are you looking for trouble?" "You wouldn't dare!" Nash shrugged with disdain written all over his face. It would have been fine if the Klein family stayed in Capiton, but they dared step foot in Jonford. It was fine even if they were in Jonford, but they dared to provoke Nash. The Green Bamboo Association was severely injured by the Heavenly Martial Arts Order. Among the association were 3,000 great-grandmasters. How could the Ten F

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