Chapter 324

After Gabriel spoke, all 12 people in the two rows of seats behind him stood up. The aura of the 12 stage-eight great-grandmasters explosively surged. Gabriel did not know Nash. He just wanted to target Jay. Jay's body trembled with anger. His fists were clenched, and his eyes were bloodshot. The elder from the Profound Reality Realm who sat next to him said in a low voice, "Mr. Jay... bear with it..." Although they had someone from the Profound Reality Realm, their opponent had too many skilled great-grandmasters. Even if they succeeded in killing them, it would still be a pyrrhic victory. The Kleins had recently lost four experts from the Profound Reality Realm, so not many were left with their families. If anything were to happen to them again, the Kleins' ranking would fall behind. "Lowe, Zuniga, you better watch your back..." Jay spat out the words and turned around to leave. Nash said with a face full of regret, "What a pity..." Xeno's eyelids twitched wildly

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