Chapter 325

Nash got up and left. When he was in the car, Nash carefully tore open the backing of the painting and successfully obtained a piece of the map. It was similar to the one he already had. It had some landscapes on it, and some new places he never heard of were marked on it. Melody's phone vibrated in her pocket. She looked at her phone and saw that Fabian had sent a GPS location. "That's weird... Why is he in such a secluded area?" Melody asked curiously. "Fabian's there already?" Nash had planned to go to Baroque to look for Hera. However, Fabian seemed to be in danger. It was more important to find Fabian first. "Yes, but the GPS location is at Falling Sunset Mountain!" "Xeno, drive to Falling Sunset Mountain now!" … At Baroque, Hera was holding her face up in boredom and staring at the computer screen automatically playing photos. These photos were taken with Nash on her birthday. The night when he was holding her in their sleep during the thunderstorm was

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