Chapter 326

Fabian lunged over and grabbed the little fox’s mouth. The fox grabbed Fabian’s large hand with its two tiny paws. Its claws were not particularly strong, but several bloody streaks appeared on Fabian’s thin skin. “Damn it…” Fabian flung the fox aside. An ugly look appeared on his face. He had never liked furry animals. Now, he had gotten scratched by one after his first time coming into contact with it. The fox tumbled to the grass and rolled around a few times before coming to a stop. Then, it sat on the grass with an aggrieved look on its face as tears appeared in its blue eyes. A massive tiger strode toward the fox as it roared. The little fox whimpered. The tiger, which had been about to pounce, turned and walked away. The fox slinked away as well. Sounds of wolves howling rang through the mountains. It was getting dark. Fabian had been pampered all his life and had never experienced anything like this. He was panicking. The fox seemed able to comm

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