Chapter 327

Fabian felt his stomach flip. He knotted his eyebrows together as he said, “I don’t eat this stuff… Take it away…” The fox seemed to sense that Fabian was upset. It backed away in disappointment. After hiding the food under a pile of straw, the fox walked back toward the tiger with its head hanging low. It curled up next to it. Fabian could not be bothered to pay the animals any more attention. He closed his eyes, hoping to get some rest. Then, a deep growl rang out. That sound did not come from the tiger. Fabian immediately opened his eyes. He was met with the sight of a six-foot-tall brown bear standing at the cave’s entrance. “Damn it…” Fabian grabbed a branch and used it as a torch to stare at the brown bear cautiously. A chill ran across his body. … Outside Falling Sunset Mountain, the roaring sounds of a helicopter’s propellers could be heard. Nash had borrowed the vehicle from Olivia. The Falling Sunset Mountain connected Sagen and Jonford. It was c

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