Chapter 328

The beam of Melody’s flashlight landed on Fabian’s face. “Melody…” Fabian’s eyebrows, which had been tightly knitted together, loosened slightly. Melody was an expert martial arts practitioner. They were saved. The three strode over. Melody glanced at the tiger lying in the pool of blood and then gave Fabian a once over before asking with concern, “Are you alright?” “I’m fine…” Fabian soon regained his former sternness and began exuding his usual cutthroat businessman aura. “Who would have thought? You have such a slender frame, but you managed to kill a tiger!” Finn laughed as he gave Fabian a thumbs-up. The man standing before him was one of the most influential people in Universal Group. It would be unwise for him to let his guard down. “Based on the tiger’s wounds, it looks like it was bitten by some other large animal!” Nash said quietly. After saying that, Nash gazed at Fabian thoughtfully. He had sensed a familiar feeling from Fabian. It was as if they had me

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