Chapter 329

The fox sat next to the tiger and whimpered as it watched the humans leave. As the humans slowly disappeared from its view, the fox’s head lowered even more. After Nash and the others were several hundred feet away, the sounds of a brown bear roaring could be heard from behind them. Fabian’s body froze. An odd look flickered in his usually stern eyes. … Beside the cave, the fox shuddered as it gazed at the bear. Its paw was larger than the fox's entire body. Its tail was between its legs, and fear shone in its brilliant blue eyes. The bear raised its head and let out another roar, releasing the despair it felt. Then, it turned and pounced on the fox. Its mouth was open wide enough to swallow the fox in one gulp. At the very last moment, a black-colored figure appeared out of nowhere. Nash materialized in front of the fox and grabbed the bear’s jaws with his bare hands. The smell of raw flesh flooded his nostrils. Nash threw out several punches and sent the 400

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