Chapter 330

There were four seats available in the helicopter. The four had to sit facing each other. Nash and Finn sat with their backs against the cockpit while Fabian and Melody sat at the helicopter’s rear end. A smile immediately appeared on Melody’s face when she saw the fox in Nash’s arms. “What a cute puppy…” An adorably angry expression appeared on the fox’s face when it realized it was being called a puppy. “Oh my goodness, does it understand what I’m saying?” Melody’s heart felt like it was melting as she reached her arms out to pluck the fox from Nash’s arms. The fox lifted its head to whimper in protest and used its paws to grip Nash’s arm firmly. Melody noticed what was happening, and she was worried the fox might injure Nash by accident. She pursed her lips and said, “Whatever. I didn’t really want to hold it anyway!” The helicopter took off. Finn sat in front of Fabian, not daring to move even a muscle. He was starting to regret his decision not to sit opposite M

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