Chapter 331

“Come here, little one…” Fabian’s emotionless voice echoed. This little fox had indeed piqued his interest. Perhaps keeping a pet was not such a bad idea. The little fox cheerfully glanced at Fabian. It wriggled out of Melody’s embrace to climb onto Fabian’s lap. Only then did Fabian open his eyes. He looked down at the little creature. The little fox, in turn, raised its fluffy head. Its sapphire-like eyes reflected Fabian’s stern face. “Tsk, tsk... I’ve heard that Mr. Hughes despises furry animals,” Melody remarked sarcastically, crossing her arms. “Melody Stone, are you trying to test my patience?” As Fabian’s hand gently stroked the fox’s fluffy head, his deep eyes locked onto Melody. His chilling voice carried an underlying coldness. Melody swallowed nervously. “J-Just pretend I didn't say anything…” Fabian’s aura was too overwhelming, so much so that even a senior shareholder from Universal Group felt intimidated. Even though she could easily slap him down, she just

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