Chapter 332

After Fabian spoke, he hung up the phone. Frankie seemed… suspicious? The moment the idea arose, he quickly dismissed it. If Frankie had been a mole, he would have already perished with the plane. If it were not for Frankie’s warning, he would have been completely destroyed. However, if it was not Frankie, who else would have exposed his whereabouts? Fabian turned to look at the helicopter pilot. The helicopter pilot had jumped out of the cockpit, hiding fearfully beside several of the others. Fabian cautiously shifted behind Melody and Finn. Melody noticed Fabian’s odd behavior and immediately turned to look at the pilot. “W-Why are you looking at me like that?” The pilot seemed nervous. “Which family sent you?” Fabian’s dark brown eyes shimmered with a sense of authority. “The Lees… I’ve been working for the Lees for three years!” The pilot explained with his head lowered. “You’re lying!” Fabian squinted at him. A dangerous aura enveloped the pilot. Suddenly, the pilot

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