Chapter 333

Finn channeled all his true energy and lifted Fabian just before they were about to land. The moment his feet touched the ground, he released the energy and then set Fabian down. Chateau Hotel was not high, and with his strength as a stage six great-grandmaster, he could handle the impact. Fabian’s face had turned pale, and his legs were somewhat weak. The little fox had all its fur standing on end. “Finn... Over here…” Xeno had driven the car to the back of the building. Seeing Finn and the others jumping down, he immediately waved them over. Without any delay, Finn dragged Fabian toward the car. A ninja landed heavily on the car, causing the roof to collapse and the airbags to deploy. Olivia, driving a McLaren, slammed the brakes. Finn then pulled Fabian toward the McLaren. A ninja from the Audi slashed with immense force, attempting to split the McLaren in two. Meanwhile, Olivia shifted into reverse and floored the accelerator. The McLaren shot backward. The blade land

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