Chapter 334

Nash glanced at Melody, who was lying on the ground, and spoke indifferently. When Melody heard Nash’s voice, she abruptly opened her eyes. With a flash of his feet, Nash charged toward those eight Nihon Ghost Ninjas. “There are three kinds of people I despise the most! Nihon Ghost Ninjas, Nihon warriors, and all Nihon kind!" The power of peak Profound Reality Realm erupted mercilessly. With just one punch, he blasted through the chest of a stage-nine great-grandmaster. His speed was as fast as lightning—so much so that even Melody, who was in the Profound Reality Realm, could not see it clearly. The stage-nine great-grandmaster Ghost Ninja looked in disbelief at Nash’s arm, which had pierced through his chest. Nash’s mouth curved into a bloodthirsty smile. His true energy surged, shattering the Ghost Ninja into pieces. Melody’s eyelids twitched in surprise. She knew that Nash was a martial artist, but she did not know the extent of his power. Based on Nash’s age, those with

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