Chapter 335

Harley immediately issued the order. The staff dragged that surveillance feed to the center of the screen and enlarged it. Through the windshield, they could see a woman driving. Henderson exclaimed in surprise, “Isn’t that the Lees’ heiress, Olivia? Is she racing someone?” Judas calmly replied, “She’s being pursued…” … A Porsche slammed into the rear of the McLaren with a loud bang. “Ah!” Olivia cried out, gripping the steering wheel tightly. “Drive faster, Ms. Olivia!” Xeno urged anxiously. Olivia said tremblingly, “I’m already going as fast as I can... Any faster and we’ll flip.” Fabian spoke up. “Let me do it.” He then scrambled from the back seat to the driver's seat. Olivia quickly pressed the brakes and shifted to the passenger’s seat. There was another impact. The McLaren was pushed 20 meters forward. The windows of the three Porsches rolled down. Six men in suits with ghost masks leaned out. They pointed submachine guns at the McLaren and began firing. Once

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