Chapter 336

“Sweedy, Walter’s wife, was in a coma for three years and was later cured by Nash! “Philix Xing, the warden of the Northern Territory, was saved against all odds by Nash! “According to my research, the queen of the Yerusia royal family once suffered from late-stage cancer. They sought the Smiling Grim Reaper for treatment, and that queen is still very much alive and kicking! “Nash has always been in Jonford, and so has the Smiling Grim Reaper. The Green Bamboo Association came to Jonford to take out Nash, but the Smiling Grim Reaper stepped in and wiped out the Green Bamboo Association. Don’t you think these events are too coincidental?” Duncan squinted as he looked at his grandfather. Sheldon appeared somewhat dazed. Upon hearing Duncan’s words, he realized that it was indeed a possibility. Sheldon then exploded in anger. “You never do anything constructive, always causing trouble. Now, by offending Nash, aren’t you pushing the Duersons to the edge of the cliff?” Duncan slowly

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