Chapter 337

Nash was not only working for the Youngs but was very likely a direct descendant. Fabian seemed intent on handing over Universal Foundation to Nash’s control. Thinking of this, Sheldon immediately reached for his phone to make a call. “It’s too late…” Duncan spoke softly, his expression a tad desolate. Even at this juncture, his grandfather had not realized his mistakes. “It’s not too late... We can mobilize all our forces and kill them all…” Sheldon declared confidently. Duncan took out his phone and showed Sheldon a video he had recorded from upstairs. Streets in Jonford were teeming with hundreds of patrol cars, their sirens blaring. “No matter how powerful the Ten Families are, would they dare to oppose the political world?” “If we don’t kill Nash and Fabian today, our family will be doomed tomorrow!” Sheldon’s face contorted with rage. “If you continue down this path, the Duersons will truly be doomed. Only by helping Nash keep this secret can the Duersons have a chanc

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