Chapter 338

“No,” Fabian said flatly. “Is that so?” Frankie chuckled awkwardly, finding it hard to believe that Fabian would risk his life to come to Drakonia without bringing the inheritance document. “I’ll go check on Melody and the others,” Nash stated. He was aware that his identity had yet to be verified, so they would not share many secrets with him. Besides, Fabian was not much for conversation. It made it awkward for Nash to just sit there. ... Hera had another sleepless night in Rex District. She and Yvonne spent the evening monitoring surveillance feeds. That night, Nash did not return to Royal Bay. Yvonne speculated that he might have checked into a hotel room with that woman. “What does she have that I don’t? That old woman isn’t even as young as me!” Hera sounded like she was close to crying. While playing her game, Yvonne commented, “Older women have their ways... If you want to capture a man’s heart, you've got to capture his soul…” “Let’s sleep and stop thinking about

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