Chapter 339

Just as he was short on cash, money came knocking. Nash said, “Wire over five million!” “Okay!” Without any hesitation, Theo immediately transferred five million to Nash’s bank account using his phone. “By the way, Nash... I heard Fabian Hughes went to Jonford to find you?” “Yes, that’s right.” “I didn’t tell you this before... The situation at Universal Group is very complex, and its risk level is not less than that of the Kleins. I’m worried you might run into trouble,” Theo said apologetically. When he learned that Nash was a descendant of the Youngs, he had considered having Nash inherit that 10% share of Universal Group. However, thinking of the numerous major forces eyeing that 10%, he dropped the idea. In order to inherit the foundation, one would need to be the direct bloodline of the Youngs. But if Nash were to inherit the foundation with that identity, he would be doomed. “It’s okay, I would’ve found out sooner or later. Finding out too early wouldn't entirely be a

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