Chapter 340

“Cough, cough... I was just joking! I’m not interested in money!” Universal Group was founded by his great-grandfather. If he were to sell off that 10% of shares, his great-grandfather would surely haunt him in his dreams. Fabian continued, “Once I head back, I’ll have the chairman issue an appointment letter for you to take up the role of head of inspection of Universal Group in the Drakonia region. You’ll oversee 18 Universal Group subsidiaries in Drakonia. You can manage them however you like…” Nash was a bit stunned, feeling like he was being treated as some spoiled kid from a rich family. However, the position sounded quite impressive. “Does the head of inspection have a lot of authority? How much is the monthly salary?” “The head of inspection can act on behalf of the chairman. You can dismiss any position below the senior shareholders without consulting the board or shareholders. Your monthly salary is three million!” “Three million sounds a bit low?” Nash said with a wry

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